At Orchard Stables your horse or pony can live out 24/7 as we are on sandy well draining soil. Our paddocks which have fine fescue grasses and no fattening cow rye grass are well maintained and split into winter and summer, with the winter paddocks being closer to the yard. There is a large concrete yard with stables which can be used for vets/dentists etc. Sometimes we can cater for DIY livery (stable and field)

Our livery packages start from £152 per month. When you require hay, we sell you bales in the heston size which will be put on your own Individual bay. You also get a bay to keep all your feed, rugs etc on.

We have hard standing for your trailer or lorry.

Arena Roundpen Hacking 

Our 20x40 floodlit outdoor school has a surface of sand and rubber.  We also have a secure round pen that is big enough to ride in. 


All the facilities are free for liveries to use and there is good hacking straight off our paddocks.  For non-liveries there is good parking for your trailer or lorry for you to hire out the arena at a competitive rate of £10 per hour or part of.  We also hire the arena out to Riding Clubs for group sessions welcoming outside instructors.  This can be arranged on a hourly rate or a daily rate.  Please contact for more details.  

CHAPs - Collingham Horse Adventure Park.

CHAPs is the first adventure park of its kind. A place to bring your horse or pony and have some fun. Try out the roller coaster, log roll, tunnel of love, water flume, ghost train and loads more. There are an assortment of small cross country jumps, and obstacles. A place for you to have a go at horse agility, trail, natural horsemanship or somewhere to just help bomb proof your horse. 
£15 per horse.  Please phone to book or go on the Collingham Horse Adventure Park facebook page for a booking enquiry form.
Take a look at the photos on the photo page.